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We provide simple business management solutions for effective control and progress.
The path we have chosen is to support the business with control and automation systems․ because we believe it is the cornerstone of a sustainable business.

How did we come up with this idea?
As a business-oriented company, we have seen the biggest "disruptions" in management and simplification. We have assessed our potential, used our experience and are confident that we can improve this important aspect in order to ensure the existence of a strong and successful business. Our goal is to provide quality business speed, complete control, common sense and flexibility to make effective decisions for maximum profitability.



To be the number one company in the field of automation, solving business problems in Armenia. As a result, we will take the business to a new level, and Armenia to a new market.

Why Smart?

The culture of Smart Production is based on certain values ​​that help not only achieve our vision and goals,
but also to guide us in communication with our customers and partners.

Customer oriented

The best result only happens when you listen to each other. We pay attention to the requirements and needs of our customers, which increases the efficiency of our decisions.

Time is an expensive and capricious phenomenon. We consistently create new and unique solutions that give competitive advantages.

Business process optimization is necessary to survive in the current competitive environment. By organizing optimization, we not only give the speed your business up, but also create ample opportunities for growth.

Thanks to many years of experience and our research in this area, we create high-quality results by adapting new technologies to the specifics of the market.

We believe that to achieve good results, consistency is needed through quality improvement, the use of new technologies, as well as individual approach.

Individual approach
Our team is ready to work with clients individually to easily integrate changes.