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Yerevan Botanical Garden is NOW automated by Smart Production


Surely, you have visited the Yerevan Botanical Garden at least once in your life. If that’s not the case henceforth you will enter a new Smart Automated Botanical Garden.

 We Have executed this project in support of the infrastructure development and social responsibility programs of Yerevan. Simultaneously Smart Production is sponsoring the use of modern technologies and software in the Yerevan Botanical Garden.
 There is so much love and attitude towards this program as from 2022 we have developed our own hardware to support Smart Software.

In fact what does this automation mean, , and what does it provide the customer with?

 It all starts at the entry to the garden. From the very moment you purchase the ticket at Mrs. Susanna. Henceforth, you will be purchasing either a subscription card or QR ticket to enter the Garden. The QR scanner is set up on the 2 entry doors. What you need to do is scan the ticket or your card. Thus, the doors will automatically open. And you won’t have to look for the security or wait hours to enter.

 Take note: preserve your QR ticket to exit the Garden. The method is the same. Scanning is enough.

The devices are located near two entrances to the park. To make it easier for you, we placed signboards that will help you navigate the rules of use.

 We are pleased to inform you that this is not the only sponsorship program we provide. New ones are COMING SOON. Stay tuned!


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