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SmartRest in your cash register device. SmartRest


To better introduce SmartRest Fiscal, let's answer the most important question first "Who is it meant for?"


Well, for all customers and food service business, that:


want to run a business without additional equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone)

are not fans of using the phone in work

do not want to spend extra money on equipment

Focuses their businesses on speed

In one word, SmartRest Fiscal is a new opportunity to organise a fast-growing business in the market without the cost of additional equipment.


How does SmartRest Fiscal work?


Download the SmartRest fiscal application to a modern cash register with a screen similar to a smartphone.


Access to the application belongs only to SmartProduction and the download of the application is carried out by our specialists.


After downloading, the modern cash register adapts and the system works like on any other device: computer, tablet or smartphone. Accordingly, the entire functionality of the program is available:


         • Menu creation

         • Storage of goods

         • Cash outflow management and


         • Sales

         • View reports

         • and etc.


The advantages of the adapted version of SmartRest Fiscal are that:


1 device is enough to manage the entire business

Costs are reduced several times by eliminating unnecessary equipment and saving money

It is possible to print a coupon with a list of named products and goods

• Payment can be received immediately, both in cash and by card


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