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The First Armenian Fitness ans GYM Automation Software


What is the secret of modern fitness clubs?

The number of gym visitors in the past few years has proven the growing role and importance of fitness and training for people. Not only have fitness clubs appeared preaching a healthy lifestyle, but also dictating a certain status. In their speeches, many businessmen mention the need to train and show its positive impact by their major example. And evidently, businessmen belong to the segment of consumers who prefer to pay more for quality and comfortable service. After all, they spend plenty of time there on a daily basis.

To attract new customers and provide convenient service, fitness clubs offer their customers a variety of services: card systems, automatic doors using motion sensors, personal approaches, birthday surprises and many other ideas that require thorough work with large amounts of data.

Being the first and only Armenian program for automation of fitness clubs, GYManage has developed over the years and enriched its tools with new opportunities.

GYManage does an A -Z automation for fitness clubs including:

Full automation through the program lowers the human risk factor to its minimum, accelerates business processes and saves your time.

P.S. If the “What does this program look like?” thought came to your mind while reading this, pass through the link and try out our demo version.

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