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Trust or Check: Let's check It Out


Risks are always high when it comes to making business decisions. At such times, we try to choose the solution with least risks and of course maximum efficiency. Whether it be choosing a simple household good or a business partner, we need to be sure it’s a well grounded decision.

Oftentimes our sixth sense helps us, but it turns out to be a good short term solution only at critical moments when we have no time to look at the reliable data. And the best fundamental for long-term, profitable solutions is a reliable database.

 After a good mental weighing we finalize how reliable it is.

 For that, Smart Production has developed business experience based mechanisms to ensure a reliable, uninterrupted and fast flow of our services.


Let’s find out more about how we actually add value to your business with our automation software.


First, every businessman is well aware of the importance of job distribution , i.e. where the responsibilities begin and end. All of this, of course, is done to effectively regulate processes in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Our Smart software provides individual permissions according to the area of ​​the employee’s expertise. Thus, you can grant access to the entire section or one tool for your employee.

As a result, it is easily trackable to exactly know the actions made in the software, especially when you can see these actions at any time in the history of actions.


Second, Force majeure situations ․ No one is ever insured against them. Well, except for information about your business, which is only available to you (i.e., we do not track this data).

Gamechangin, isn’t it?


Whatever happens to your computer or hardware, all data is safe and sound due to the backup. Assuredly, the data you need will be at hand any time.


The third and most compelling reason to trust your business automation is our Smart Production customer care.



Over the years working with various industry representatives, our service team has evolved into business consultants. They train your staff, share knowledge on how to use software tools, how to save time and financial resources. Additionally, they highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, ensuring the development team incorporates those in the software.

 Lastly, we just offer you to try it out and make the best out of your experience.


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